The Suicide Pact Tracy Adam Elkhayat

Butt Cutz                                    Haircut Girl                         Funny Or Die

Senior Slashers                         Sorority Girl                         Funny Or Die

Budtenders                                Megan                               Tales From The Lost Side

Growing Pains                           Sarah                                 Columbia College Student Film

Finding Her Way                       Sam                                    Columbia College Student Film

Stage 5                                      Missy                                  Columbia College Student Film

An Unanswered Prayer           Jessica                                Columbia College Student Film

Exchange Treatment                Erica                                    Columbia College Student Film

Kelly’s Discovery                       Kelly                                   Columbia College Student Film



It's Personal                                 Self Written Monologues       Complex Theaters

Boys’ Life                                      Lisa - Lead                               Young Actor’s Ensemble

The Magic Tower                         Mrs. O’Fallon                           Columbia College Chicago

Eclipsed                                        Nellie Nora                               Columbia College Chicago

Election Day: Spider Island         The Debate Moderator            Dark Humor Productions

Open Book                                   Solo Performance Piece          Stage 773



Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop- Acting 

Upright Citizens Brigade- Improvisation

Commercial Acting 101 with Bill Coelius

Columbia College Chicago- Bachelors of Arts in Acting


Dialects: Irish, Standard British, Cockney, Southern

French Language (basic conversational)